A refund, which we refer to as a “Refund,” denotes the actual reimbursement of the cost of a product or service to a customer, regardless of the reason for the reimbursement. Digital Marketers Perth facilitates the Refund process by reversing the amount previously charged to the customer’s card or account at the card-issuing bank, with the appropriate amount credited back to the respective card or account at the customer’s card-issuing bank. 

Digital Marketers Perth will only consider offering a refund under specific circumstances. Firstly, if the provided service does not meet the specifications mentioned in the service or product description. Secondly, if Digital Marketers Perth is unable to rectify or improve any shortcomings in the deliverable. It’s important to note that the refund amount will never exceed the original price paid. Please be aware that our service delivery timeline may occasionally exceed the initially mentioned delivery dates without prior notice, and refunds will not be granted as long as the service has been provided or delivered.

Digital Marketers Perth will exclusively issue a Refund to the original funding source. For instance, if an order was funded using a credit card, the Refund will be credited back to the account associated with the card used for the order. Similarly, if an order was funded through PayPal, the Refund will be processed to the original PayPal account. In cases where the PayPal account is closed, customers should contact Digital Marketers Perth for further assistance.